Resilience of the lone cypress

Resilience is the ability of an object or an individual to withstand hardships. I can think of several individuals who could fit the definition, but the lone cypress that stands on the cliff along the 17 mile drive truly symbolizes resilience. While all the Monterey cypress trees lining the coast are native to the region, and thus a rarity in themselves, this tree is extremely special. It has not only braved the ocean winds for about 250 years, but has also endured and survived a fire in 1984. I imagine it holding on to its crutches of metal wires, standing upright with pride, as onlookers make it popular through their lenses. Each passing day that it survives is a win against circumstances, a testimony to the strength of individualistic resilience.


The Lone Cypress, 17 mile drive, California

A side note- I found it very interesting that many entries for resilience were about trees. Indeed, plants have a challenging life: fixed to a place and left to make the best of their conditions. The posts rung a bell from a recent book called Lab girl, written by a plant researcher who beautifully draws parallels between the tough life of plants and her own life events.

PS: For more beautiful spots in California, check out my Northern California travel guide.


8 thoughts on “Resilience of the lone cypress

  1. A tree would definitely be a good example for resilience, for reasons you have already mentioned. The symbolism is deep, knowing how trees have to stand tall and firm on the ground no matter what the weather. This can be reflected as well with resilient people, those who stand up and go through the hardships no matter what.


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