Troubles, Take a Hike!

My first daily prompt with a very apt word: hike. I love hiking! Wandering around unknown paths, surrounded by nature has a very calming effect on me. Here’s a compilation of some of my favorite hikes.


I had dreamt of hiking between the villages in Cinque Terre, Italy ever since I had seen a picture in a travel magazine. Finally achieving this goal made this hike very special. 


Hills in Germany: My favorite place for all moods and seasons.


Panoramic view of the bay and San Fransisco from Angel Island: One of the most scenic hikes in the Bay area, California!


An amazing hike near Neuschatel, Switzerland with varying landscapes. The part with waterfalls wins my vote!


Hiking helped me realize that discovering new paths is sometimes easier when you are completely lost…








7 thoughts on “Troubles, Take a Hike!

  1. great informative reading !!
    I like ur way of writing — informative, yet simply interesting !! Espply so fr laymen like me !
    ” hiking makes discovery of new paths easier when you are lost “” very true indeed !!! I like it !!

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