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Internship at BioTechniques

Currently, I am honing my writing skills through a Science Journalism internship at BioTechniques magazine. Here are the links to my latest articles:

  1. Is it over? Organizers predict the impact of the Science March on policy: http://www.biotechniques.com/news/The-Science-March-Is-Resistance-Futile/biotechniques-365834.html#.WQeNvdIrK00
  2. What does the Zika virus do to a cell? http://www.biotechniques.com/news/Time-for-a-Makeover-Says-Zika/biotechniques-365813.html#.WP4m09IrK00


I was lucky to be interviewed for few podcasts, which are a fast-growing medium of science communication.

Media mentions