Animal magnetism

The Discover challenge topic this week is ‘animal’, asking us to explore the special bond between humans and animals. Naturally, people have written some great stories about their past or present pets. Taking a slightly different direction here: pet or not, I believe we are all drawn to animals. I think our favorite animals, the qualities we admire in them, or how we treat them reflects a part of our personality.

Even if you are not an animal lover, think about it- haven’t you (at least once) stopped by and watched an animal perform a mundane action? Would you be as fascinated if a human did the same action instead? This photo is a perfect example: there were at least 5 people eating icecream near this tree, and yet I couldn’t take my eyes off the monkey with an icecream!


These two photos are my absolute favorites (incidentally, they also fall under the H2O photo challenge). First of all, because I was desperate for a bear/wolf sighting at Yellowstone National Park, so watching them appear at the same time was a visual treat indeed! Secondly, I loved their carefree attitude – hundreds of of people were watching them from across the river bank, but they continued their merry food and drink party. I have written about animal behavior before, and though its absolutely fascinating, human behavior is a whole different level. We love complicating our lives with emotions, drama, ego, stress, worries, and what not. Ironically, I think the simplicity of animals in wild is what attracts us so much.



The bear makes its appearance

Speaking of bond- what about bondage? The elephant ride in Amer fort in Jaipur is quite popular. Starting early morning, these elephants have to carry tourists up the steep fort, even on hot, sunny days. They are often over-worked with some private (cheaper) rides, after the fort-rides are done. Exploitation of animals in the name of entertainment is a sad plight.


Do they look happy?

Ending with one of my favorite animals. I love horses; they have the perfect balance of wild and tame! Look at this pretty one from one of my riding lessons.



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