Weekly photo challenge: Nostalgia

Choosing a photo for nostalgia was a tough job! I went through many pretty photos from different trips trying to figure out what best summarized nostalgia for me. When I came across this one, I knew the search was over.


This particular gulmohar tree stands right in front of my apartment (in the green building) back in India. I moved abroad when I was 20, but I remember how the sight of those orange blossoms through my window cheered me up each morning during my teenage years. Sometimes, we would drink tea sitting by the window, looking out at the tree and the street. The strong nostalgia that this photo invokes is a reminder that no matter how many places I move across around the globe, there is only one place that I truly call ‘home’.

9 thoughts on “Weekly photo challenge: Nostalgia

      1. They were? Would love to have a look at them.
        You said it well…Jaipur is quite active on religious and cultural aspects. BTW where are you based Minu?


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