Introducing ‘Science in the Backyard’

Hello all, its been a while since my last post, but I am back with more ideas and topics that I am excited to cover. I am adding a new category called ‘Science in the Backyard’ to my blog.

In this category, I will cover the local science-related events in the San Francisco Bay area, as and when I get a chance to participate in them. Why? Firstly, because while writing about science in traveling, I think I must also acknowledge the on-going scientific efforts around me. Over the last few months, I have been trying to get more involved in local science events, and the overwhelming number of activities in the Bay area has been a pleasant surprise. Locals, if you want to stay updated on upcoming events, the best site to find these is:

Secondly, engaging scientists in science is only one part of science communication. An important aspect, and the real challenge, is to engage the general public in science, making it less intimidating and more appealing for them. The posts in this category are not limited to people residing in the Bay area. For non-locals, there are several events that may be occurring around your locality, which you are not aware of. The aim behind introducing this section is to give everyone an idea of the type of activities that they could look out for in their own neighborhood. Or maybe you are a scientist and might find some inspiration to arrange some local events yourself!

Personally, I find these events immensely rewarding, and I look forward to share my experiences with you all!









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