Being a local

The photo challenge for this week is ‘local’. What does the term local symbolize? Is it about where you are literally located or is it where you think you belong?  In my opinion, being a local implies familiarity and solidarity with a place. I found some interesting pictures taken over the years in Göttingen, Germany that sum up this term for me. You are a local if you have…

Tolerated (or even admired) a place in all its moods

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Witnessed it in serene tranquility and celebratory uproar

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Participated in deep-rooted, unique traditions

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A local need not be permanent; you may move around, but a part of you remains a local in every place where you invested your time and heart.



5 thoughts on “Being a local

  1. I just clicked on the facebook link “Scientific writing: A very short cheat sheet” because I am experiencing a small writing crisis for my PhD thesis and it seemed just what I needed to read!

    I liked your advice and clicked on the link to your blog and was pretty surprised to see an entry about my home town!

    I hope with your sticking to your writing tricks I will soon be able to give the Gänseliesel a kiss as well.

    Viele Grüße,

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    1. Hi Ines, What a coincidence that you are from Goettingen! I really enjoyed my time there and miss it very much 🙂
      I am glad that you found my article helpful. I hope you finish your thesis and kiss the Gaenseliesel soon 🙂 Alles gute!


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