When the stars shine

I took this photo last week after many dedicated attempts with a friend at Zion National Park, just outside our desolated cabin. The night was dark and full of shining stars, an absolutely mesmerizing and memorable view!



6 thoughts on “When the stars shine

  1. Very rightly … A mesmerizing GREAT Photograph !!
    Such a vast expanse of sky & as if diamonds being scattered all over it !!
    Ever wondered what the view frm the top wud be ?? Watching the earth fm the stars ??

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  2. Must be possible for those ” enlightened souls” who can travel astrally by hvg an out of body experience !!
    Reminds me of “Star Trek” fm my earlier years where they jst said ” Energise” stndg on a spcfc place & voila !!! — they were in a diff place !!


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