Mind Travel: Where Past and Present Intersect

I sat by the side of Lake Geneva in Lausanne, Switzerland, with a book, a cup of coffee, and my bulging backpack. With a summer breeze kissing my face against a backdrop of the magnificent Alps sprawling in front of my eyes, the book that I had brought to keep me entertained was closed most of the time. I wanted to capture that beautiful moment in my mind—the perfect feeling of happiness in solitude that brings an involuntary smile on the face. 

I did capture it successfully, because that didn’t happen recently. In fact, coincidentally, this memory is from exactly 5 years ago to the date from my solo trip to Switzerland. But sitting by Lake Elizabeth in California recently with the summer breeze hit my face on a similar sunny day brought back vivid memories of that time and scene. Different lake, different view, but the feeling was exactly the same. 

This experience is not unique to me; I am sure you can all relate to how our brain suddenly transports us to the past on what may seem trivial similarity triggers. Maybe a waft of familiar perfume reminds you of an afternoon with a friend or a song in the background brings back memories of a different time and place.

I find it interesting (and heartening) that while we are all physically confined to our homes, our mind is free to travel and conjure up these Déjà vu like situations. A rare, perfect moment when you relive the past yet enjoy the present moment simultaneously. 


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