Atop Angel’s landing

Found an apt photo for this week’s photo challenge: atop Angel’s landing in Zion national park, Utah. Hiking up to the top took a lot of stamina, especially along the patch with several switchbacks. On the treacherous narrow path in the last half mile, lined by chains to keep one off from plummeting into depths of the valley below, I wondered if the word ‘Angel’ in the name of the hike hinted at the risky future! So, after finally conquering  my fear, when I completed the last part of the hike and stood atop this mountain, the breathtaking view made the effort seem worth it.

angel landingangel landing 2.jpg


4 thoughts on “Atop Angel’s landing

  1. Wow !! Great photo. !! I can only inagine the feeling when one is actually standing on the top ! Amazing view ! Really a breathtaking sight ,, ( if u’ll pardon the pun) !

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