Wanderlust: In Search of Wildflowers

Spring is here, so are the wildflowers! Lasting for just a few weeks, wildflowers are an important part of the local fauna. Not to mention, a botanist’s dream! According to the National Park website, there are more than 15000 species of wildflowers identified in US and Canada.

My quest for wildflowers ended with a visit to the Carizzo plains in California this weekend. Set between valleys created by the San Andreas fault in Central California, these plains are well known for their majestic display of colorful wildflower carpets each year.

Although waning, the sea of yellow flowers was the highlight of my week, and an apt contribution to the photo-theme ‘Wanderlust’. The cherry on top was the Soda Lake; this vast expanse of white plains is salt left behind after evaporation of water from this lake.

Here are some pictures capturing this exhilarating experience.

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